About Us

Are you tired of wasting time in an auto repair shop, waiting for your oil change?

Do you procrastinate on your oil change until your car starts to revolt?

We can help! Zoom Mobile Oil brings the mechanic to YOU!

Schedule your appointment, and we’ll meet you anywhere in the Treasure Valley to change your oil. Schedule your appointment while you’re at the office, at your home, or at the grocery store!

You’ll find that our prices are competitive with local shops – meaning that you get all of the convenience without an additional fee!

Regular oil changes keep your car running smoothly, and help to protect the heart of your vehicle – the engine. Most importantly, clean oil lubricates the thousands of components in the engine to keep it from overheating. Without regular oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, your engine parts can also collect dirt and small pieces of debris- which effects the overall performance and can lead to expensive repair needs.

Avoid major damage and repairs by scheduling your oil changes in advance. You can schedule multiple appointments on our website, add those appointments to your calendar, and never have to worry about keeping up with your oil changes again! Best of all, you can continue on with life while we change your oil!

We are locally-owned and operated in the Treasure Valley! We are licensed and insured. Learn more about our services and pricing

To Get In Touch with Us - Please Call 208-278-2891, or email jeff@GetMyZoom.com